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I work with email. I don't mean that I use email for work, I mean my work is email. So when I hear that someone has 650000 emails on a laptop, I'm intrigued. 650,000 emails, using industry standard averages and including attachments, comes to about 60 gigabytes of email. It's also a LOT of email. I download all of my email from my gmail account locally. I don't keep anything in gmail, every 15 minutes I pull from my account and when it hits my local machine it gets deleted from gmail. Why? I'm paranoid. My gmail account has been compromised more than once. I also keep my address book local, rather than in gmail. Again, I'm paranoid. That doesn't make it really any less likely that I'll be hacked, but does reduce a bit of the attack surface, and since my home machine is protected pretty well and I don't save passwords, the amount of data that they'll get is reduced to maybe this blog and my embarrassing fetish porn stash.

Back on topic, because I am a lazy, paranoid digital hoarder, I have ever email that I've sent or has been sent to me since 2008 stored on this computer. I have three email aliases and two different email providers. I have less than 15 gig of email. Including large attachments. Uncompressed. I don't have close to a half-million emails. My largest single archive, going since 2011, is 7 gig.

650,000 emails is a year's worth of email from a good-sized corporation, not a single-user's mailbox. Not even five-year's worth of email from a single user's mailbox.

Just sayin'

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Another down


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Steven Den Beste died. That's not good. My original favorites list from back in the day (1996 to 2008) is shrinking rapidly and many of my favorite sites and writers have gone away or been zombified by the everlasting innertubes. I got this link from a post at Ace, where I never used to go, and if I did, I wouldn't admit it, and I found myself commenting on blogs where I wasn't part of the community, or a known voice.

I still see handles I recognize in different areas of the net. It's like seeing your regular bartender from the strip club buying sneakers in the mall. You want to say hello, but you don't want to say hello. Besides, he's buying full-price Jordan's with cash, that's insane. What the hell kind of money is he making? He doesn't even have to shake his ass, just pours the watered-down G and Ts. You know what? He's an asshole. Fuck him... but... he pours heavy on slow nights, so what the hell, I'll just pretend to be on the phone.

Facebook did this to all of us. We're all going to die and no one will remember the ten paragraph post from 2005 that was linked by the whole blogosphere, and got more funny comments on some left-wing artsy/hipster puppet blog than any of the old top war blogs. But everyone will see that we like that fake inspirational quote from William Shatner ("Some people think because I'm from Canada I shit out of a hole in my back, but I have a great big ass, just like you.")



Did oil companies add lead to gasoline in order to make it more expensive, therefore they could charge more for gas even though they knew tetraeythyllead was a poison?


Did Galileo get thrown in prison for daring to question the that the sun revolved around the Earth contrary to the Bible?


I shouldn't have to do this, but I came across these two common myths just this morning and I almost had a stroke, so here's the real stories. Stories that ANYONE with an ounce of interest in the truth, or half an education could find in a minutes work. It's my conjecture that most people who hear these stories believe them not because there is any grain of truth behind them, but because the WANT to believe them. It's a matter of faith for these idiots, and they will insist that these stories are true, EVEN if they should and do know better.

Why was lead in gas? Lead was in gas because car companies, and the public, wanted more powerful cars. Did lead make gas more expensive? Actually, lead was a cheaper additive than iodine, so it actually made gas cheaper. It was added to gasoline because gasoline, at the time, was very low quality and had very low octane. Low octane gas causes detonation in high compression engines. Detonation can cause all sorts of issues inside of the engine, especially with the valves. So between the low quality of non-racing fuel, and the low quality of mass-manufactured engines, something was needed to fix the problem. Lead was cheap. Was it a poison? Sure. So is almost everything in gasoline. Will a lead additive make your new car run better? No. Your new car has a catalytic converter, lead will kill that. It also has very hard, nicely machined valve seats. You don't need lead. Was there some kind of conspiracy to keep lead in gas? No. Any car made after 1975 had a catalytic converter and couldn't use leaded gas. Also, newer engines (not the newest engines, but from say 1974 to early 2000's) ran lower compression than they did in the late 60's. Your car sucked anyway, you didn't need high octane gas. You still don't need high-octane gas, you already have it. Unless your car specifically tells you to run higher than 87 octane, you can use the cheap stuff. The Illuminati won't care.

Did the Catholic Church censor Galileo for the heresy of heliocentrism? No. I'll sum up. The Church censored Galileo for insulting the Pope. Galileo was an asshole. The Pope read a copy of his book and invited him to Rome to talk about it. The Pope sent Galileo a list of questions he wanted answered, and Galileo wrote another book. In this book, the questions the Pope asked were, verbatim, asked by a character called "the Simpleton". That pissed off the Pope, who was pretty much Galileo's king. Don't tug on Superman's cape. Incidentally, no one said Galileo couldn't teach his heliocentric model, he could, just not as "truth" or what the Church would consider "fact". This was because most of the SCIENTISTS at the time didn't agree with him. Interesting, the scientific consensus at the time was wrong, and Galileo couldn't pass peer review. I wonder if that still happens... At any rate, Galileo wasn't in trouble for religious reasons, he got in trouble because he was an asshole to the fucking Pope.

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