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Another down


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Steven Den Beste died. That's not good. My original favorites list from back in the day (1996 to 2008) is shrinking rapidly and many of my favorite sites and writers have gone away or been zombified by the everlasting innertubes. I got this link from a post at Ace, where I never used to go, and if I did, I wouldn't admit it, and I found myself commenting on blogs where I wasn't part of the community, or a known voice.

I still see handles I recognize in different areas of the net. It's like seeing your regular bartender from the strip club buying sneakers in the mall. You want to say hello, but you don't want to say hello. Besides, he's buying full-price Jordan's with cash, that's insane. What the hell kind of money is he making? He doesn't even have to shake his ass, just pours the watered-down G and Ts. You know what? He's an asshole. Fuck him... but... he pours heavy on slow nights, so what the hell, I'll just pretend to be on the phone.

Facebook did this to all of us. We're all going to die and no one will remember the ten paragraph post from 2005 that was linked by the whole blogosphere, and got more funny comments on some left-wing artsy/hipster puppet blog than any of the old top war blogs. But everyone will see that we like that fake inspirational quote from William Shatner ("Some people think because I'm from Canada I shit out of a hole in my back, but I have a great big ass, just like you.")


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