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Hung up in draft


I just deleted a draft post that I'd been working on since Thanksgiving. You're Welcome. It was terrible. I'm getting really bad at this. I don't know if it's because I am getting more worried about what I can say, or if I just don't give enough of a shit enough to say it. At any rate, yesterday John Kerry just gave every terrorist on the planet justification for killing Jews everywhere. The antisemitic crowd will now have a UN resolution calling Jews terrorists, occupiers and murderers, and a fuckhead of a scumbag gigolo of a US Secretary of State to point to to who agrees with that statement.

Congratulations shithead, you just got a lot of people killed. Innocent people. I guess it wasn't enough to create a power vacuum in Iraq, almost start a war with Russia, give Iran the atomic bomb, push Turkey out of NATO, and fund and equip ISIS. Nope, let's give every Arab in the world a piece of paper to point to to justify blowing up a Sbarro's full of school kids having lunch.

Smart diplomacy. I hope the next time this shithead sailor gets on his jet ski he drowns.

By the way, if this was such an important policy goal and so popular, why the fuck did Obama and company wait until AFTER THE ELECTION AND TWENTY DAYS BEFORE THESE FUCKERS FINALLY LEAVE FOR GOOD TO PULL THIS STUNT?

Everyone knows the answer. Welcome to 1979 America, let's hope we get a bit of the eighties back.

'cause I'm at the point where I need lots and lots of cocaine.

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