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I just gotta say


I am back down to where I should be. I'm wearing my favorite pants again. It's been 5 years. 5. That's insane, I know. Who keeps pants that don't fit for five years? maddad. That's who. They fit now. and are even a bit big. Now I still can't lift what I could five years ago, but my endurance is better. I could probably stand to lose another ten pounds, if I'm honest, but given where I store my flab, I don't think my pants size will change any more than it has.

I will probably attempt to get rid of those 10 extra pounds before I have to have shoulder surgery in the fall, just as a precaution.

I'll probably up my big lifts over the next month or so and keep riding 50 miles a week. Maybe more if I can get outside.

So there. This, plus the fact that I quit smoking almost fifteen years ago makes me better than you.

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