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With charity for none, with malice toward all...


It was spoken in the Confederacy that the Federal government was a tyranny, and that Northern industrial interests and immigrants were trying to change the traditional American way of life. They insisted it wasn't just slavery, it was freedom itself that was under attack.

I didn't buy it. I never thought that there would have been a Civil War without slavery. I'm beginning to re-think that. I think at some point the "progressives" (the same assholes who brought us Prohibition) would have caused a revolution against the government anyway.

I'd fight in it.

As speaking of assholes: Here's one. What a scumbag.

Honestly, I have no words.

I should. But I don't.

I'm not even angry so much as sad.

In Iceland, they've almost eliminated retards via abortion. In Wisconsin they elect them mayor.

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Curb your dog


Seriously. And if you don't know what that means, learn! Shitheads.
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