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“An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit.” — Pliny the Younger

"Ouch" - Abraham Lincoln

Quotes are bullshit. Especially the quotes superimposed over a picture designed to "inspire" weak-minded, ignorant, sissies. I mean everyone else on the internet.

Since when do we need some kind of "inspiring" message to get us moving every day. You know what used to inspire people? Not starving.

Sounds simple, right? Other motivators were, not getting eaten and not having your family murdered. Still a source of inner motivation for me. Not a big fan of having my family murdered anymore.

At any rate, since when has a misattributed quote from Gandhi superimposed over a picture of a canoe motivated anyone? Where's the struggle in that? Isn't the struggle the motivator? Man has always motivated himself by comparing himself to the things that he's not. These aren't words. They are images. Giant stone penises, huge piles of limestone, giant statues of birds, a creased picture of Ivan Drago. These are the things that motivate and inspire. To wit, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

Anyway. What brought this up was the damn quote by Herodotus that, "Egypt is the gift of the Nile". Not what he said. What he said means something just a little different. I'll let you figure it out. He actually said, "The country, Egypt, is a gift of the river." Sounds similar, but does it mean the same thing?

I say not. NOT! harrumph harrumph.

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