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never again


So down in Alabama, the nutcase won the GOP nomination for a Senate seat in a special election. A TWO YEAR SEAT. Because the establishment guy didn't get the nomination, because the REPUBLICAN VOTERS IN ALABAMA DIDN'T LIKE HIM, the GOP establishment took their ball and went home. Or rather, they actively CAMPAIGNED FOR THE DEMOCRAT.

Now they are blaming the nutcase's campaign manager for the loss of a Republican seat for at least two years while the President and House are both "Republican".

I will NEVER vote for a Republican again. Voting for a Republican is voting for a permanent Democrat majority. PERIOD. There is no difference. Power hungry assholes. All of them.

I hope they lose every seat. I hope the Trump administration destroys the party. I hope it goes broke. I won't even vote Republican LOCALLY anymore. What good does it do? Screw 'em.

Done and done.

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